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Alicia no…just no ✋

So this week was kind of blah. Except for the previews of next week. Rocky won both challenges, got mad at Shannon. Valentina threw the challenge to look “cool” I guess but he ended looking like a dumbass for throwing away her chance for $500 dollars. NOW! Alicia wanna bet Rocky’s ass, which is okay. But she caught Rocky off guard but still managed to get on the floor ?? What?? By the looks of it all Alicia did was pull hair get a couple swings then tumble to the floor. Anyways not much to say about this week though. More hype for the finale next week and it looks like they are gonna wait til the last 10-20 minutes of the show to do it. Then we gotta watch the reunion (hopefully 3 parts) as long as they don’t take forever to get to the reunion like last season. That was stupid.

-waiting til next week 😴