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We gotta wait 2 weeks? -____-

Soooo we gotta wait two weeks for Rocky to get revenge on Alicia’s ass. After they had us wait for the last eight minutes of the past episode for a fight. ✋ Unacceptable oxygen. Unacceptable. But if Nancy is going to beat up Rocky for calling her ratchet and laughing then Valentina and Alicia should get messed up too. And why is Alicia all of a sudden jumping in and shit. And WHEN IS VALENTINA GOING HOME? I thought it was this episode so I got excited for nothing. And why is everyone afraid of her? Everyone in the house is bigger than her (except Stephanie). But I’m exited for next episode needless to say. Alicia is gonna get what’s coming for her.

Karma Powers…activated🌟💫

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