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Valentina vs. her personal problems aaaaagain

Sooooo Valentina finally made Alicia see her true colors praise!!🙏 Even though they been there all damn season, I think Alicia was tired of her busting a vein on what Shannon and Rocky do. But if you really look at it, Alicia and Valentina the biggest flip flopping hoes in the house. I mean Alicia has apologized to Shannon like twice but then again come at her with a pimp and ho comment. Valentina changes from person one to person two within a duration of five minutes. Anyways, Nancy is a ho but at least she owns it and Alicia ain’t dating Yoson. Sooooo who gives a fuck. But next week seems crazy though. Rocky vs. Alicia and Nancy. Oh wait…..they playing leapfrog?….OHHHHHHH my bad its just Valentina jumping in.

Deuces ✌👊🙅