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I can not stand Valentina, Alicia and new chick Jennifer.

They are all fake especially Valentina. Her ass be jumping in just to say “yeah I beat that bitches ass.” Knowing Nikki whopped that ass TWICE. I do not care if Nikki left shit I would have too if all these hoes were against me but idgaf what people say Nikki beat Valentina’s ass though. And Alicia probably didn’t find out she could “fight” until she got on the show. I put quotes around fight because Alicia does not fight. Until I see her ass size up with someone her size with Valentina’s ass barking in her corner then she will be declared as a fighter. Cause her bullying little ass Janae was not a fight. Anyways, Jennifer the newbie looks irritating AF. She seems snobby and she automatically don’t like the other new roommate coming because she got a bad vibe. She just wants someone to hate so she can “prove” herself. Smh these ratchet unclassy (yes, Valentina) hoes need to chill and just have fun. And Shannon please stop kissing these bitches asses pleeeeease.